Pathfinder in Bronn

Chapter 2 - The Cloak

Five children entered the cold underground caverns of the Eastern Reaches, following the pull of a magical gem leading them to uncertainty. More than two weeks later, four adults stepped into the warm sun once again.

Their thoughts lingered back to when they first sat down at the Red Birch Inn and Stabling House in Willowbrook not three months ago. Their first real mystery having presented itself in the form of a puzzle box, won by winning the Jester’s Game. Such excitement left little room for worry and the gem contained within pointed them towards their destiny.

The road rose up to meet them before the sun had set, and their path through the Shady Vale brought them many new challenges and opportunities. A murderous owlbear, an orphaned werewolf, A group of demonic Gnolls. They made many new friends on this trip, and vanquished many foes, but were blind to a looming threat.

A family dinner turned sour as Imperial forces tried to apprehend them. They escaped, but were sent far away from Brighton. Markkenen was told by his father that he was adopted, and he carries the blood of the cursed traitor Theo in his veins. They were also told that the Empire is not to be trusted, that the Grey lineage is not what it seems. They fled that night, heading towards the Eastern Reaches, leaving the Vale for the first time.

The wide open lands lay ahead of them, and soon they found themselves in Knightsbridge. Passing over the Silted River, they were accousted by a Imperial Justicar, the Elite enforcers of Imperial Law. Determined to escape, the group fought but were overwhelmed by the Justicar. They would have met their end there, but for the arrival of a legendary creature. A great Golden Dragon soared overhead roaring loudly. The city, enthralled and terrified, watched as the Justicar flew into the sky and attacked. The two fought for only a moment before disappearing beyond the horizon. The group then took this time to make their escape into the East.

They travelled on, following the guidance of the gem until they encountered a group of Halfling Outriders in the service of Dunrual. The Halflings led them to the city, which was perched atop a great mesa. There, they learned of the evil manor to the North that was razed a hundred years ago, and was to be their destination. After a brief stay, they sought out the manor, and entered it’s catacombs.

Entering a maze of underground caverns that led to a massive network of caves, the group came across a group of Gnomes who had fled their town when it was invaded by Dark Elves. The town, it seemed when the group arrived, had been ransacked and it’s citizens taken. Following their obvious tracks, the group found themselves in the Drow city. Here they encountered the High Priestess and her Black Dragon and most of them were captured.

With the help of another Drow, a Noble vying for power and trying to erase his Brother’s shame from his family, Ashabo and Estoril joined the rest of the group who had been forced into gladiatorial combat against a horrible Drider abomination. Together they killed the monster, but not before Falcar was killed by the magic of the beast.

The Noble had promised to release the Gnomes from the city as well as help them escape.
While fleeing, the group were convienently led into an encounter with the High Priestess, who they slayed, most likely the Noble’s plan all along. Upon her body, she wore a multi-colored cloak that resembled the cloak of Piffle, the Jester.

Fleeing the Drow city with the Gnomes in tow, the group then made their way back to the surface. Having bought their new lives with the blood of their friend, this new group now looks forward to whatever lies next.



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