Pathfinder in Bronn

Interlude - Purpose

Yode threw up his hand, clutching the Brass Gear tightly. He felt the warmth of the metal through his glove as it began to glow with the power of his God.
“Back to the Shadow, creatures of Evil!”, he screamed, and suddenly the large cavern was alight with a blinding glow. Pure holy energy filled every corner of the makeshift labratory, illuminating every jar and bottle, every book and page, and causing the small sightless fish that lived in the trickling stream to flee the room. The Skeletal horrors bearing down on Yode flew back, their bones crashing against the floor as the energy holding them in undeath was melted away. Even his companions, the adventuring group he so recently met, and who would have no idea what to expect from a true wielder of Divine magics, recoiled at the blast. Their eyes, which only moments earlier had stained to pick up the dim glow of their illuminating spell, snapped shut in protest.
In another instant, the light had gone, leaving a fresh and clean scent in the air. He was invigorated by the feeling of the power he had channeled, and looked now to his only remaining threat.
Standing 7 feet tall on a skeletal frame composed of every sort of bone you can imagine, lashed together with rope and chain, and brought to life with sick, black magic. Two small red lights glowed from within the eye sockets of the bull’s head atop the monstrosity, which reflected onto the giant’s heavy rusted Great Axe.
Yode hefted his shield, and brought his Morningstar to bear. His companions were wildly enganging the monster, slashing and pounding at it’s frame with fury, but it seemed to take no notice. He could feel the beast’s unholy stare as it focused on him, the bearer of the hated light. As the creature lifted his Axe, Yode could feel the strength of his God pushing him foreward. He could feel the light burning inside him, eager to burn from this world the evil before him. The Axe sliced through his shield like butter, and then his mail, and then his flesh. Everything went dark.

“Yode” a voice said. Everything is dark.
“Yode” it repeated. Open your eyes, see what has happened.
Yode found that he could not see a thing. He was fairly certain his eyes were open, but there was nothing. He felt cold, as if he was naked in the winter chill. It didn’t bother him too much, but he just knew it.
He tried to move his arms. Did he have arms? He couldn’t see, he couldn’t feel anything, and try and he might, he couldn’t feel anything when he reached out.
He tried to speak, but no sound happened. Was he paralyzed?
“Genius, what is happening?” he thought, and instantly he saw a light. Far off, but still. He tried to walk towards it, but didn’t move. He tried to reach out for it, and suddenly it grew larger. It was getting closer? or bigger? Either way, he tried harder, he tried to pitch his whole body towards it, to tackle it and smother it, and instantly it grew to surround him.
It was blinding at first, and he tried to close his eyes against it, but couldn’t. He tried to scream with pain, tried to turn away, but couldn’t. It felt as he would go mad from it, from the burning pain, and then it faded. The relief of the pain fading away brought tears to his eyes, or did it. It felt amazing, it was the best feeling he had ever felt.
Slowly, a scene began to appear around him. It was…dark. There were…people? Talking? Water running? What is this place. Is there…gears? a machine turning? What is happening?
Finally, he recognized these people. He could see where he was, but didn’t recognize it. Is he dreaming. Is he…oh. These are the warriors he fought with. These are the warriors he…died…with. He was dead. He remembered the feel of the Axe, the blinding pain and then…nothing. They were talking, about him, they were speaking about his death. What are they talking to? They don’t see me, I’m here, I’M HERE!
Then suddenly, he was there.


Alas, Yode. We hardly knew ye. :(

Can we get a new NPC or are we boned now?

Interlude - Purpose

Maybe we get a YODEGHOST?!

Interlude - Purpose

Dude, an incorporeal cleric would be amazing, powergaming wise and story wise.

Interlude - Purpose

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