Pathfinder in Bronn

Session 3 - Leaving Willowbrook

The group decided to head out to the Southeast. They find the campsite that had been attacked by the owlbear. They recover the wagon and take it to Heartwood to return it to the company it belonged to. Then they run into a grieving mother who has lost her child along with several other children. After meeting up with Rinnark again, they head to the East and find a burned down orphanage and an orphan girl which they protect (and give gold to). Then they fight an owlbear and head inside to fight kobolds. Inside, they find a myriad of creatures that they fight and defeat, including a Gelatinous Cube and some Vargoulles. They find some of the kids and then have to rest for the night to regain their strength.

At this point, I am so far behind the telling of this tale, that I will sum up the adventures of our heroes, and the details will be unfortunately, lost to time.

After resting, they push on, find more kids, encounter the remnants of an adventuring group (namely a halfling named Edgrin Galesong of the Longford School) who are also trying to save the kids, and decide to return to town before pushing on even farther after Edgrin meets his demise.
Outside, the orphan girl turns out to be a werewolf, and they are forced to slay her (not before possibly infecting some of the party). They return to town, Rinnark meets them halfway with some healing potions, and they head back in. The group finds the rest of the kids (all but one alive), kills an undead dwarven monster wreathed in chains, and goes back to Heartwood.



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