Pathfinder in Bronn

Session 4 - The Purloined Gem

The group enjoys moderate fame for their efforts, but also get involved in the private life of some of the people they helped. After a minor scuffle with the brothel owner, they decide they should probably be on their way. During a seemingly chance encounter, however, Geraint gets pick-pocketed by a local rogue, and loses the Gem along with his money. The group acts fast in order to find the gem again, and use magical means to identify where it is…on a ship sailing downriver. They make haste down the Maiden’s Way towards the next port town only to discover the ship never arrived. After much speculation (and a little magical prying), they find the ship, it having been attacked and scuttled by some unknown attackers. They track the assailants into unknown group’s territory, and end up fighting against a war party of Gnolls who had taken up residence in the area. They find the Gnolls lair, and camp in preparation of a morning assault.



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