Pathfinder in Bronn

Session 6 - The Cleric and the Necromancer

The group, now having returned to Brighton, enjoy the creature comforts to be had there, and begin planning their trip South, now having a better idea on where the gem is pointing. Before they can leave, however, they are approached by a Cleric of Genius named Yode who tells them that his patron sent him to find them as an answer to a request for help. Yode asks them to help him clear out an old mine which holds some secrets he is being compelled towards, but cannot penetrate due to the thick pallor of evil that surrounds the place. In exchange, he will travel with them and use his divine powers to help their cause. They agree, since the mine happens to be to the South, and they travel together to the Dry Mine.
Upon entering, they are confronted by an undead force, and eventually confront the evil creature who has created them. During the fight, however, the foul undead horror the Necromancer brought to bear against the group, slays Yode with a mighty blow from it’s Greataxe.
After the battle, the group looks around and are puzzled to find another teardrop shaped Ruby, nearly identical to the one they have been following. It does not turn by itself, but the coincidence is strange. Whilst searching, Ashabo notices that the apparent end of the mine isn’t the end at all, as a broken floor has opened passage into a long forgotten room below the mine.



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