Falcar Windsong

Very deceased dude


1. What is your full name?
My given name is Falcar Lanelwin, though I much prefer my chosen surname, Windsong.

2. Who are your parents and what do they do to make money?
My Sylvast mother and Northman father own and operate a modest meadery in the village of Brighton.

3. Do you have any siblings or extended family? What do they do and where do they live?
I am an only child. I know none of my mother’s family, and my father’s relatives are simple farmers spread about the Vales.

4. Who do you look up to? Why do you admire this person?
I admire my instructors at the Academy for their dedication (and their patience with me).

5. What schooling or training do you have?
My years at the Bards’ Academy of Longford Castle have greatly improved my musicianship.

6. What do you do for money or to help out your family?
I plan to return to our family business as my father reaches his later years, but for now I am anxious to travel.

7. What is your favorite season? Why?
Spring’s Dawnings. The return of warmth to the Vales is pleasant after a long winter.

8. What do you like to do in your leisure time when you are alone? With friends?
Alone, I enjoy strolling around Longford Castle and making inconsequential conversation with strangers. With friends, filling our bellies with brew and our favorite pubs with song!

9. What do you think your best physical feature is? Worst?
Best: My smile has gotten me out of some tough situations.
Worst: <grin>

10. What is your favorite possession? Where did you get in and why is it your favorite? Does anyone else know about it?
I still have the cork from the first bottle of honey mead I made as a boy, with my father’s guidance. I carry it in my pocket to remind me of home.

11. What is your favorite animal? Why?
Crickets, relentless singers seldom appreciated for their work.

12. Where would you like to be in 10 years? 30 years?
In ten years I’d be quite happy performing nightly for the wealthy so that I might become so myself! Thirty years from now I should hope that I’ll have returned home to help my father in his craft.

13. What would you do in the following situations?
1. You are being repeatedly picked on by a bully who can most likely beat you up. His taunts are verbal so far, but you know he is not above violence.
I would convince this bully that it is in his best interest to remember that my sword is a bit more pointy than my flute.

2. A rich merchant who is traveling through town drops a gold coin when paying for a meal at the inn and doesn’t notice when it rolls underneath a chair. He gets up to leave, not realizing he lost the money.
Quickly return the coin! Who would pass by such an opportunity to make a wealthy new acquaintance?!

3. Your younger sister has been absent from school and you find out she has been sneaking to the swimming hole with other kids to spend the day gallivanting around.
Say nothing. She should enjoy her time however she sees fit.

4. A minstrel is passing through town and is performing tonight, but it is a holy day and you are supposed to attend a religious ceremony that will cause you to miss the performance.
Attend the performance! I believe pursuing one’s passions is in itself an homage to the Gods.

5. You come across a dead mother bear and her newly born cub. You know if you leave the cub, it will surely die.
I would attempt to calm the cub and find a druid who would know what to do with it.

6. Your best friend stole an apple from a fruit cart and was witnessed doing so by a bystander, when the town guard arrive, they ask you as a witness what you saw.
I’m sure any witless guard could be convinced that this petty theft was purely unintentional. My friend simply assumed that one apple should be sampled before buying a bushel!

7. While delivering a package to an innkeeper, you realize he has unknowingly paid you too much for your service.
Keep what coin I earned and return the difference.

8. A group of bandits are attacking the town and everyone is expected to help in some way.
I would assure victory to the people of the town and help them band together to defend it.

9. You have been asked to help transport a merchant’s goods to a far away city for a large sum of money, but you know that without your help, your family would have trouble with their harvest.
A portion of this large sum and my tales of travel should ease my family’s losses when I return home.

10. You witness the man who accidentally killed your brother in a drunken brawl get wrongly accused for a crime of thievery.
I don’t think I did witness any such thing. <wink>

Falcar Windsong

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