Population: 7,009
Earl of Longford: Theod Long

The Empire’s main stronghold in the Vales, Longford is named for Roland Long, who helped unite the Vales and join the Empire. The site was originally a small fishing village called Baren, but was renamed when Roland Long decided to make it the site of the Earl’s Castle.

The Upper Quarter – The area atop Fremont Hill, this quarter houses all of the official buildings, including Longford Castle.

The Gold Quarter – The merchant’s quarter, it is taken up mostly by The Grand Bazaar.

North Heights – A large residential area that houses most of the wealthy and middle class.

Southtown – A sprawling maze of houses that is occupied mostly by the lower class residents.

The Groves – Known for the religious buildings it holds, the Groves is also where most of the Nobility has estates.

The Red Docks – Known to most as simply, The Docks, this area is named for the red rocks that make up the shoreline on Lake Talin.

The Undercity – Officially a combination of the sewer system and a collection of small basement residences, the Undercity is rumored to be used by the criminal element for clandestine activities.


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