The citizens of Bronn are mostly religious people, although true divine power is rare and most people live and die without experiencing actual divinity. The Empire officially recognizes one god, Amnae, which is called the “True God” by his followers. The Church of Amnae is involved with the Grey Empire’s workings and has been so since the beginning. Although worship of Amnae existed before the Empire was established, it’s popularity and influence has grown to become the most powerful religious force in the land.
High level priests in the Church wield divine powers and are able to perform miracles, but will never do so for the benefit of a non-believer. The Most Blessed is the highest of the order and is seen as one step below sainthood.

The Old Gods are what people have been calling the pantheon of gods still widely worshiped by many in Bronn. There are many who still wield the divine power of their gods, though the Old Gods have been steadily becoming less and less popular.
There are three catagories the Old Gods fall into; The Morning Gods, The Darkness Gods, and The Low (or Grey) Gods.
The Morning Gods are the gods that represent good and righteousness.
They are:
Sol – The Father, The Sun: Good, Light, Hope
Terra – The Mother, The Lifegiver: Love, Healing
Kann – The Judge, The Protector: Justice, Safety, Honesty
Astra – The Faerie, The Maiden: Beauty, Freedom, Passion
Kelleah – The Greenlord, The Provider: Agriculture, Harvest
Genius – The Thinker, The Engineer: Knowledge, Reason, Industry
Kerra – The Golden Twin, The Victor: Celebration, Victory, Luck

The Darkness Gods are the gods that represent evil and misery.
They are:
Lunas – The Moon, The Deciever: Evil, Darkness, Misery
Orcus – The Bonelord, Lord of the Ghouls: Undead
Tyrrus – The Tyrant, The Blackguard: Tyranny, Oppression, Slavery
Ometh – The Berserker, The Blood Lord: Violence, Murder, Destruction
Succus – The Black Whore, The Temptress: Lust, Torture, Pain
Arrek – The Crimson Twin, The Drunkard: Revelry, Gluttony, Bad Luck
Shade – The Shadow, The Nightstalker: Thievery, Secrets, Dishonesty

The Low (or Grey) gods are the gods that represent neutral forces.
They are:
Abbadon – The Reaper, The Boatman: Death
Magaere – The Magi, The Wise: Magic, Stars
Bardon – The Songsmith, The Chronicler: Music, History, Stories
Thorson – The Flamelord, The Blacksmith: Fire, Smithing, Rebirth
Vestel – The Waterlord, The Fisherman: Water, Seafaring, Change
Horne – The Earthlord, The Farmer: Earth, Nature, Life
Arrayan – The Airlord, The Hunter: Air, Hunting, Weather


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