The Lands of Bronn

Bronn is a vast and diverse collection of terrain and climates, from the mist covered Shady Vales to the dry, arid Navas Desert. The coldest areas are still temperate, due to the dual Suns and extended summer months, but it is not uncommon for several days of snowfall in the lands North of the Silverflow River.

Bronn is divided into nine generally recognized regions.
The Northern and Southern Heartlands are the most heavily populated areas of the empire, with the King’s Road bringing easy and safe travel between villages. Godwin, the capital city and home of the Emperor, sits at the mouth of the Silverflow and is the Empire’s largest port city.
Dozens of small towns pepper the Heartlands, along with a few more sizable and fortified cities, but none so great as Karas, the Empire’s largest and most populous city.
The Heartlands are divided by the Silverflow into North and South. The geological distinction is only one aspect of their division, though, as the two areas also differ widely in culture.
The Northern Heartlands are more densely populated and the people there put more importance on social standing and wealth. A more palpable divide exists between the have and the have-nots, although there is still a strong sense of community among those in the area.
The Southern Heartlands are quite different, with most of the populous residing in rural settings, and relying more on each other for survival. Farming and Mining are big aspects of life in the South, so survival depends more on how hard you work to provide for yourself and your family. Many Southern Heartlanders also still worship the Old Gods, although they do observe the Official Holy Days.

The Highlands are a sparsely populated area of rough hills and high cliffs. The folk that make their homes there are frontiersmen at their core. The Highlands are a hard place to carve out a living, with it’s rocky terrain and unpredictable weather, but the folk there would have it no other way. At the Western edge lie the Black Cliffs, huge obsidian sheets that form layers upon layers of razor sharp walls. It is said that the Black Dragons would make their homes here when they were still alive, and that somewhere within the deadly cliffs lie the ancient cave homes, still filled with eggs waiting to be hatched.

The Grasslands is made up of soft rolling plains covered in long grasses. The land is fertile and rich, so many farming communities have sprung up in the grasslands recently, as the Heartlanders look for unclaimed land. Centaur tribes roam freely throughout the Grasslands, and have kept their distance from the expanding Empire settlements.

The Riverlands is what the area North of the Elven Forest and East of the Heartlands is called. The area is crisscrossed with rivers and streams and several smaller marshes, and many of the people of the area make their living as fishermen or Brewers. The City of Einsarr and it’s Duke watch over and protect the area, which is home to a good number of not friendly Lizardmen tribes.

The Shady Vales are a collection of deep and wide valleys between the Greypeak and the Eastwall Mountain Ranges. The people of the Vales migrated from the North many ages ago and still carry with them the size and strength of those people. Woodcutters and Woodworkers are prevalent in the area, as well as Hunters and herbalists. Valemen are a hearty and stubborn bunch, preferring the quiet and peace of the vales.
The Crimson Mountains, which rise up in the middle of the Vales, and can be seen from nearly any location there, are home to the Golden Vale Eagles. The Eagles are a symbol of pride in the area, and has left it’s visage to the banner of the Vales for 400 years.

The Lowlands are a dry and humid land that is very sparsely populated. It’s home to a few Orc and Hobgoblin tribes that make trouble for travellers, but otherwise are not really a threat. The Empire’s presence in the area is extremely limited, so small trader’s posts have gotten the reputation of being places where undesirables gather. Isilden is a tall walled city, made with defense in mind, and is known as the last “civilized” location in the area.

The Eastern Reaches are barely a part of the Empire at all. A long expanse of rough terrain and dangerous denizens, the Eastern Reaches are a frontier that stands between Bronn and Iolade far to the East.

The Teeth are a collection of islated clifftop communities are fortified island castles. The area is dangerous and unyielding, and the inhabitants of the lands call themselves the Bouldermen, for their resolution and unyielding nature. Society in The Teeth is closer to a tribal warlord and his vassals than it is to the Empire. Imperial Justicar’s in the area learn to look the other way and keep quiet or they may end up having an unfortunate accident on the cliffside like their predecessor did. The Baron of the area calls himself King of the Sea, an obvious slight against the Empire, but the resources the area provides are very valuable and the land is so naturally defended that the Empire handles the population there much more delicately…for now.

The Lands of Bronn

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