Arcanis Sanctorum

The Arcanis Sanctorum
The only such academy in the entire continent of Bronn, The Arcanis is responsible for the training and education of Arcana. Every year, the Wizard allows in only 50 students. It is said that the Magi use arcane means to discern their new students out of the applicants, but politics and and other factors have been known to play a part also.
Once a student begins their training, they enter the towers, and do not leave until they complete their schooling (which has been known to take over 40 years, but usually around 6) or they are expelled.

Upon completion of the training, the student is bestowed the title of Magi and receives his mantle identifying him as such. The Magi is then free to do whatever he wishes, but is always a member of the Order of the Magi from then on, and is expected to act according to their rules.

There are three offenses that are unforgivable to the Order, they are called the “Forbiddants”. They are Blood Magic, Instructing Another and Treasonous Acts. Within the order there is a sect called The Order of the Silver Sword who work secretly and hunt down those who violate the Arcanis rules. There are also a set or rules the Order has established for non Magi, and where they are not enforced by the Grey Empire, the authorities usually look the other way when the Arcanis holds a trial for someone accused of violating their rules.

If a student fails or is otherwise forced to leave the Arcanis, they are immediately forced to undergo a ritual that wipes their memory of all knowledge of the Arcanis. They only remember standing before the doors of the Arcanis with the other students waiting for them to open, and then seeing them close after their expulsion. Most ex students deal with their expulsion and go on to live normal lives, but some go crazy from the memory loss, or are effected by the ritual differently and lose larger parts of their memory. There have been rumors of those who still retain their knowledge of their time at the Arcanis

Arcanis Sanctorum

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