It is rare for a mortal to wield divine magics, only a few true priests are actually devout enough to be able to harness the powers of their gods. Miracles and Holy blessings are never taken lightly, and those who harness these powers are usually very considerate of who they benefit with them, lest they offend their gods by squandering such blessings.

Classically trained Wizards are found only at the Arcanis Sanctorum. The Order of Magi is extremely selective on who they allow as students and only 20% of the students they accept actually achieve the rank of Mage. Students that wish to leave (or are forced to leave) undergo a powerful ritual that erases all memory of their time at the school before they are allowed to leave. It is forbidden to instruct others in the use of magic outside the Sanctorum, and the Order hunts down any that violate their tenets.

Found mostly among the Elves and Dwarves, Sorcerers are beings who can tap into the raw magical forces of the world around them and use it for a variety of effects. Sorcerers use what the Magi call “peasant magic” and in the rare instances beings show a level of mastery of their gift that they could be dangerous, the Order of the Magi intervenes, usually with tragic results.

Once exclusively the realm of Elves and Dwarves, Human worshipers of the Wild Gods have shown some mastery over the forces of nature. These beings have usually removed themselves from society and rarely have their interests brought them into conflict with more civilized folk.

Like Wizards, the Bard is usually a classically trained musician that travels around the world, seeking out and spreading stories. Most bards receive a welcome reception wherever they travel, their hosts knowing the value of a traveling information broker. For this reason, many nobles secretly keep bards under retainer in order to have an ear to the ground in many matters. The magical properties of the Bard’s music are usually subtle, the practitioner seamlessly weaving the magic as part of the song. The Magi know the Bard colleges and their reputation and feel safe enough to allow this kind of magic, although if they understood the full extent of the bards abilities (which the bards go to great lengths to downplay), they would probably keep closer tabs on them.

Only wildmen and the insane fight with the fury and vigor of a Barbarian.


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