Races of Bronn

Human Races
Northman – The Harsher climate of the North breeds heartier men, the Vales first inhabitants migrated from the north, and the blood of the Northman still runs strong in the region. Northmen and dark haired and strong featured, with fair skin.

Bronnish – Descendants of the original settlers of the Heartlands, the Bronnish are stout of build, soft featured, and fair haired and skinned..

Haelish – Darker skinned, tall and lithe, the Haelish are from far to the East. Most migrated to Bronn as refugees hundreds of years ago.

Cellewish – Striking hair and eye color, usually red or black, the Cellewish are called the Dragonblooded because of tales of dragon ancestry.

Other races
Barick – Half Elves, those who’s blood has mixed with the Fae creatures of the forest. They live indistinguishably amongst the humans, and are afforded all the rights and courtesies as such. Barick can reproduce with either Humans or Elves, although they will produce either a human or an elf child.

Sylvast – Creatures of the wild, Wood elves who live amongst the humans usually only do so because they have been forced out of their homes. They are usually found among the lower elements of society.

Qualnost – High elf ambassadors or nobility sometimes live among the humans, and generally do notmingle with the population. They keep themselves seperated from the human society and almost always bring with them human “heralds” that interact with the humans when there is a need for such.

Greyskins – Half Orcs, who’s blood has mixed with the beasts of shadow. They Greyskins are hearty and large, and often found using their size and strength to provide for themselves, despite their general aversion to violence and slow and pondering temperments. Greyskins cannot reproduce with anyone but themselves.

Neirlings – Halflings who are almost exclusively found in urban areas, the Neirlings are quick and nimble and very intelligent and cunning.

Gnomes – The Gnomish peoples are very rare in Bronn, although they live in small communities scattered across the land. There are two types of Gnome, Forest Gnomes and Rock Gnomes.

Khemek – The Dwarves of the Mountains. It is still a rare sight in Bronn to catch a glimpse of a Dwarf, but there are caravans that crisscross the land selling the finest weaponry and metal goods you can find.

Races of Bronn

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