The Grey Empire

The Empire (as it’s most commonly referred to) was formed when King Godwin Grey united the people of Bronn and toppled the Dragonlord Empire 198 years ago. Legend tells that the King’s Champion, Theo, sought out the Runesword and it helped turn the tides against the Dragonlords. However, the cursed sword caused Theo to try and claim the throne for himself. The short but bloody civil war between the Greys and Theo’s followers (referred to as the Reds) claimed the lives of Ursula the Archer-Maiden, Bruno the Hawklord and Theo himself.

Today, the empire is ruled over by Godwin the Seventh, Leopold Grey, of 39 years. His Wife is Empress Katherine Eddington. There are 3 princes; Gaston, Herold, and Eddarke, in line for succession.

The Empire is a Hereditary Absolute Monarchy that recognizes several Duchies throughout the lands. Below the Emperor is the Justicars, who answer directly to him. Beneath them are the Dukes, then the Earls, then the Counts, then the Sheriffs. There are other titles that vary from place to place, but the Justicars are said to speak with the word of the Emperor himself.

The commonfolk card game Dragonmaster (originally called Coup de Tat, but renamed at some point after the war) tells the story of the war, in particular the Great Wizard’s battle over the Plains of Desolation and the finding of the Runesword.
The Druids suit is said to represent the smaller Wild Gods worshiping kingdom of Kalaban, and the Nomadic Tribes, the indigenous peoples of the continent. Both included as suits in the game alongside the Warriors and the Dragonlords to represent their influence on the war.

The Grey Empire

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