Time and Nature

Two yellow suns dominate the sky, named Sol (the larger of the two, and the one with the constant rising and setting time) and Sirus (the smaller and and non-constant). At night, a large pale blue moon rises with a cycle of about 33 days.

Time: There are 370 days in a Year. A year is broken up into 11 Months of 32 days each. There are 18 days that are called the Dawnings or Settings. Each Season is seperated by a four day Setting and Dawning,
Summer is twice as long as the other seasons, with Sirus’ cycle being longer during that time, and more offset from Sol’s.

Spring’s Dawnings
Spring’s Settings
Summer’s Dawnings
Midsummer – Twoday
Summer’s Settings
Fall’s Dawnings
Fall’s Settings
Winter’s Dawnings
Winter’s Settings

A week consists of 8 days and is often called an “eight”
Months are often called a “break”
The Settings and Dawnings are usually taken as ritual days, if not true holidays.
Today, when the first sun sets fully before the second sun rises, is the longest day of the year, usually seeing 15 hours of daylight (with a several minute break halfway)
Twilight, when the two suns rise and set at the same time, is the shortest day of the year, with only about 9 hours of daylight.
Both of the special days are usually celebrated with a holiday. Rituals and festivals are commonplace but vary from culture to culture.

Time and Nature

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