Population: 466
Common Mayor – Brunnas Felasworn

Willowbrook is a small village a day’s journey off the Maiden’s Way. It is a sleepy village about
eight days from Longford Castle who’s only export is Red Maple from the trees in the area. It’s a self-sufficient town, with almost all of the needs of it’s people able to be met by other members of the community. With a small population, everyone is quite familiar with each other and very few conflicts ever rear their heads.
Most of the Village proper is commercial locations, with most of the villagers living in the outskirts or on small farms. Very rarely do people visit the town, and nearly always to sell goods, however, the quiet and friendly nature of the town has caused it to be a great base of operations for those doing research into the area. Notably, the Magi Heril Milasford wrote his tome, The Flora of the Vales and their Potential Power, while living in Willowbrook.

The Red Birch Ale House and Stabling Inn – A cozy and humble Inn and Ale house, it’s run by Genny and Horase Tetherwere, and their son Celes.

Miller’s Hall – The old woodsmill, now converted into a meeting place for the village.

Harvest Moon Festival


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